• 1 Jpml Grid Cloud

    The most cost efficient Cloud.
    JpmlGrid Cloud enables computation-intensive applications to quickly execute large-scale, complex workloads by dividing and distributing smaller work components accross a grid infrastructure to the network-connected computing nodes.
  • 2 All In On View

    Jpml UCT Architecture offers a
    Content-Detect-And-Touch method
    to make it possible to present kinds
    of contents in one Jpml Platform.

  • 3 Component Technology

    Jpml Component-Driven Architecture is a part of software engineering which emphasizes the separation of concerns in respect of the wide-ranging functionality available throughout a given software system.
  • 5 Program Shared

    Jpml© Program Share is storages
    of open source program. Having
    access of the source code to learn
    more about the Jpml Platform.
    Here ou can find, download, rate,
    and comment on all the best programs
    the Jpml© Program Share has to offer.
Feel the future using your minds. Changing the mindset is the concept of JPML.
Jpml is Language

Jpml is a xml based markup language executed on the Jpml platform or any Java runtime environment with Jpml runtime installed.
Jpml is Integrated Software Platform

Combines the commonly used functions of many productivity software programs ranging from windows client software to server based services in Jpml platform.
Jpml is Grid Cloud

Jpml Platform is a Grid Cloud, enabling applications to execute large-scale, complext workloads by dividing and distributing smaller work components over the network.
Jpml is Advanced Architectural Technologies

Jpml Platform is an integration of multiple technologies with advanced archtectures, offering a foundation for professional development and new user experiences.